postheadericon A Small Size Man and Van can compete with Large Scale Removal Service

There are two main business lines: cost and quality orientation. The traditionalists argue that companies will be either cost or quality effectively, but not both. In modern times, however, all companies which are providing removal services, and in particular work to create a balance between price and quality of services they offer. The key to competitive advantage in domestic and commercial removal market is controlling the price and quality at the same time.

The small Removal Service companies or man and a van Croydon companies compete with their larger equivalents. This is due to the fact that the small removal companies include small number of people involved in the provision of the service. An average man and van business consists of a single craftsman.

The small moving company usually divides the workload equally between all members of the team. A typical employee in a small moving company is multi-talented and able to do many different jobs in the organization.

Management of a small moving company is less concerned about strict operational policies typical for large enterprises. In a man and van type of organization, the employer expects from employees to use common sense to work instead of obeying a complex set of policies. So small scale companies easily meet the changes and achieve the assigned task comparatively.

Conversely, a typical large moving company involves many people. This form of business organization normally controlled from a single office where all employees are based. They are expected to perform only relevant to their expertise repetitive tasks.

The customer service staff only deals with inquiries from customers, sales person responsibility is to sell as many as possible, removal and other links to the services accountant to run the company’s books. All these make driving a large removal business more expensive.

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