Dubai, a Wonderful Place for Fun Lovers

postheadericon Dubai, a Wonderful Place for Fun Lovers

The city of Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the new millennium, known around the globe for the contrast of its attractions old and new among which are, respectively, the heritage village and the great skyscrapers area and Private yacht Hire Dubai facilities (if you are big fan of sailing and yachting).

The brand architecture of the city is the Burj Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world, located in the heart of the financial district. If you are a fan of shopping, Dubai is the ideal destination. The city is known for its neighborhoods with large malls wonderful retreat from the heat of the desert, its fashionable boutiques and exclusive luxury jewelry. The most exotic Dubai shopping found in souks, or markets, located on both sides of the bay. Remember that in the United amicable negotiation or haggling is considered a way of life. So feel free to look and haggle.

For lovers of culture Hayun also place tourism in Dubai. The city offers a wide range of venues historical and architectural. Visiting the village heritage can imagine what it was like in the old Dubai. The Diving Village, you also about the history of the city and is part of a plan to turn the entire Shindagha area in a city that seeks to reconstruct the classic life Dubai. Do not forget to visit the Dubai Museum in the strength of Al Fahidi the Hatta Heritage Village and the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum.

Furthermore, the Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and is known for its exotic form, as it is built in the shape of a date palm tree. It is located a few meters of the Jumeirah coastline and is part of a group of islands called Paml Islands. Dare to sightseeing in Dubai.

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