Explore Africa in the Forthcoming Holiday Season

postheadericon Explore Africa in the Forthcoming Holiday Season

Summer is the perfect holiday season as each one of us keeps waiting throughout the year. Although we have planned all along the year but the raising air fare can turn the tables at the end. So keep searching for the areas which offer more entertainment in lesser price. Near the eastern coastline of Africa, Ethiopia is an emerging destination of tourists and fortunately cheap flights to Addis Ababa are available from almost all the major countries of the world.

Addis Ababa is the capital city Ethiopia. The official Language of Ethiopia is Amharic. In Amharic language Addis Ababa means “New Flower”. The urban population is a mixture of some more that 50 nationalities and we find an exciting touch and traditional and urban remix. Arabic although is not the official language but still holds the title of the most widely spoken languages in the country.

The presence of so many nationalities makes Addis Ababa a place where you can taste the food of many different origins, worldwide, and that too at very cheap price.  Addis Ababa has a very pleasant climate throughout the year, except the rainy season which is not that often. This city is all about eating, Shopping, cultures and accommodation. There is a range of peaceful, neat and clean environment available to stay at a range of prices. So always do some homework like you do for air fare. You can save a lot of money while selecting the accommodation and can spend that over the adventure which waits for you in Addis Ababa.

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