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Lagos being the largest and most populated Nigerian city offers great business as well as entertainment opportunities. People from all over the world travel to Lagos either for exploring business opportunities or for spending ­ their free time in exploring its tourism spots. This is one of the main reasons that you will find a busy environment in this city. Hence cheap flights to Lagos are easily available all the year round.

Places to Visit:

A quick over view of some of the most famous tourism attractions of Lagos are given for your review:


Lagos is a home of stunning beaches. Amongst the most famous and beautiful ones are the Bar Beach, Lekki Beach and Tarkwa Beach. Alongside these beaches, you can find tasty sea food cooked in a continental style for spicing of your taste buds.  The beaches are also famous for their music and night life.


Other than beaches, city has preserved a lot of historic events in the form of museums.

Church of St Anthony is considered as the regional museum of this city.  The archeological collection displayed in this museum can be dated back to the history of pre Roman era. Other than that, it also represents various paintings relating to Christian as well as Islamic religious art, which can be dated back to the 17th and 18th century. It also has got memorable objects and ruins of other African countries.

Then there is another museum named Jose Cercas Museum that has got a unique collection of paintings from Aljezur and Portuguese artists. This museum has got lush green gardens and you can view the Governor’s castle from it. This museum has been built many times and is considered as the National Museum of Lagos.


Two most famous Islands located within Lagos are the Victorian and the Lagos Islands.  Victorian Island is the main business hub for this city and is also one of the most expensive places of living within Lagos.

The overall environment of this city is friendly, relaxing and peaceful for the tourists. You can also shop a lot of souvenirs and other African ornaments at reasonable price to take back home for your friends and family.

Thus you can avail cheap flights to Lagos to delve into the scenic beauty of this African city.

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