What To Expect During A Trip To Accra

postheadericon What To Expect During A Trip To Accra

Accra is a pleasant city that is among the budding tourist spots. It can be argued that in recent times, cheap flights to Accra and other African destinations has become a major attraction for tourists who are seeking cheap vacations in Africa. The people of Accra are friendly and you can always find something interesting to do in the metropolitan city. Its coastline has some really beautiful beaches where you can relax before moving on to the exploration of one of the interesting city markets. Accra has become a lucrative tourism hub but is still far from attracting tourists in massive numbers.

As for the culture, even the traditional cuisine of Ghana has been known for centuries. Accra offers tasty soups, with many ingredients inside, often including eggs, fish and peanuts. Here you can enjoy the forowo of fermented fish with tomatoes and beans. Among the traditional cuisine of the inevitable fufu, which is composed of balls of mashed cassava, yam, plantain or cassava cooked, kyemgbuma,  excellent crabs with cassava paste, meat and potatoes. Along the roads you can often buy the kelewele, which is a spicy dessert made from fried plantains and seasoned with chilli and ginger. A traditional beverage, made of fermented grain-based but non-alcoholic, has a special name askenkee.

You will not find ritual masks, since the locals do not use it, For an evocative reminder of a trip to Accra you can buy the colorful kente cloth woven by Ashanti or stools, icons, beads or baskets of seeds that can be seen in major markets.

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