postheadericon Why Some People Prefer A Guest House Over A Hotel?

The concept of a Guest House is that of a house with many rooms where the customer gets a key to enter his/her room but there is no supervision of permanent staff as a hotel, with some personnel in charge of overseeing everything.


In many guest houses, sometimes you need to consult with the administration before arriving to confirm booking. The format is ideal for students or travelers who want to be in a quieter environment. They are generally quieter than the environment of a hotel. Typically, the owners usually do not live in the same building as the guest accommodation.

In a guest house, guests usually stay a little longer than in a hotel. The accommodation of a  guest house is usually larger than a bed and breakfast environment, which is like a family home that does not accommodate many guests at once by the enclosed space.

In many parts of the world, a hotel is the perfect choice for backpackers for its atmosphere. In fact, young people prefer them. A guest house is very common in countries like South Africa, for example, guest houses are usually quite large and they also have a specific classification system. And in areas like Southeast Asia, they are formatted family homes with rooms to rent and are fairly common.

It is likely, that the boundaries between one type of housing is not as clear in many destinations as there. Nonetheless, it is certainly one of the accommodation options to consider during a trip, it is perhaps for people looking for cheaper accommodation than hotels.

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